How to Apply for UAE Amnesty (Absconders, Overstay & illegal People) (2023)

As we promisedour readers that we will soon share an updated article about How to applyfor UAE Amnesty 2018, we are here with this informative and important guidewhich will lead you to the list of UAE Amnesty required documents andfees details.

Before proceedingto details, we would suggest you to checkout our previous Article about UAE Amnesty 2018 Guide, please note that UAE Amnesty will begin after 6 days,it will start on August 1 till 31st October 2018.

The good news isthat Amnesty period can be extend for further period of 2 months depending uponthe circumstances.

Topics to bediscuss in today’s UAE Amnesty guide will be:

How to apply forUAE Amnesty 2018 scheme?

What are therequired documents to apply for UAE Amnesty?

Can people withprevious UAE Absconding Cases apply for Amnesty?

Where to applyfor Amnesty?

UAE Amnesty Feesdetails?

Immigrationoffice timings to apply for Amnesty?

Benefits of UAE Amnesty?

Will someone faceBan after applying amnesty?

Can Abscondersavail UAE Amnesty 2018 scheme?

What are the benefitsof UAE Amnesty 2018?

According to authorities,the UAE amnesty 2018 scheme benefits include;

1: Exemption fromfines

2: Departurewithout ban stamp

3: Return to UAE afterdeparture

4: Ability tomodify your status inside the country

5: RemovingAbsconding Case

6: Six monthsTemporary Visa

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UAE Amnesty Requirementsand Fee Details:

1: Three Passportsize photographs with white Background.

2: OriginalPassport

3: If passportnot available provide copy of previous passport

4: If both originalpassport and passport copy not available, you will need to provide your countryID Card such NADRA NIC, Aadhaar Card, Rashan Card, Driving License of your countryor any other valid ID card which shows your record.

Who can Applyfor Amnesty 2018:

Expats living in anystate of United Arab Emirates illegally (overstay people and absconders) cannow utilize the amnesty scheme to either regularize their visa status orto exit the country without paying any overstay fines.

For those whowants to stay in UAE:

The individualswho are staying illegally in any part of UAE can regularize their visas by gettinga new sponsor. In simple words, if someone wants to apply for amnesty to remainin UAE, he/she will need to search for a new job, once you found job and companyagreed to give you visa, you can submit application through Amer centers fornew visa by paying an Immigration fee of 500 AED.

For those whowants to Exit Country Voluntary:

There are manywho wants to leave the country without facing ban, if you are from one of them,approach Immigration directly and get exit permit without ban.

The Immigrationwill issue exit permit and you can exit the country within 10 days afterissuance of permit.

A fee of 220 AED isto be paid for the exit permit.

Fingerprint andEye Scan:

Don’t worry forfingerprints or eye scan, the Immigration officer will take the fingerprintsand eye scan as normal procedure and will issue you the exit permitaccordingly.

Two YearsImmigration ban:

A sad news is forthose individuals who have entered UAE without legal documents, those whoentered the country illegally will get exit clearance with 2 years Immigrationban.

But don’t worry,this 2 years immigration ban will automatically be removed from system once youhave completed the ban period.

You can re-enterthe UAE after facing two years Immigration ban.

UAE Amnesty for Absconders:

Here is the happynews, we have been asked by our visitors many times about can runaway applyfor UAE Amnesty, in reply we answered them to wait as it was not final byauthorities at that time, but now it is confirmed that if there is anabsconding report against an individual, the Immigration will removeabsconding report against him/her with fees of 500 AED.

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Next step forabsconders (runaway):

Once you havepaid fees, immigration officer will issue you exit permit without ban, point tobe noted that the exit permit will be issued to you from the concernedImmigration authorities from where the visa is issued. In simple words, if yourvisa is printed by Dubai Immigration department, you need to visit sameImmigration center, if it is printed by Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other area,you will have to visit the same Immigration center.

So, please make sure, all of those who are applying foramnesty to remove absconding cases must approach the immigration authorities oftheir respective emirates.

RequiredDocuments to remove Absconding Case:

Violators canapproach the Immigration with original Passport, if you do not have youroriginal passport, you need to get EC which will be issued to you from your consulate.

What if mypassport is already submitted?

Yes, there aremany, in case if your passport already submitted in any Immigration office thesame will be located immediately and handed over to the applicant directly.

How to apply foramnesty without passport?

Applying foramnesty without valid passport is possible, in-case if your passport is notavailable with you or if you have lost it or it is with your previous sponsor, youwill need to apply for EC and exit permit will be issued without police report.

They willconsider requests of the Consulates for repatriation of applicant in specialcases.

UAE Amnesty forOverstay People:

All individualswho are overstaying in the country can utilize the amnesty either to regularizetheir visa status legally or to exit the country without paying any overstayfines without entry ban.

In simple words, overstaypeople can apply for UAE Amnesty 2018 scheme, no worry if you are on Visit,Tourist or Residence visa, you will be given two options to either change yourstatus from illegal to legal or leave the country.

Amnesty forPeople with Labour Cases:

People withprevious labour cases will also have the same option to either rectify their statusor exit the country.

No Overstay Fine:

If you are alsooverstaying in UAE and you want to stay in the UAE, any fine (fees) you haveincurred because of your illegal stay in the country will be waived, accordingto authorities.

Brigadier SAEEDRAKAN AL RASHID director of Residence Affairs at the Federal Authority for Identityand Citizenship in a media briefing in Abu Dhabi said:

"We call upon people staying illegally in thecountry to use this opportunity to modify their status without facing fines orleave the country without a re-entry ban,

"This is agreat opportunity for all those wanting to modify their status and continue tostay in the country. This is also chancefor these people to get jobs after they have modified their status."

New JobOpportunities:

People who havemodified their status can apply for the new job opportunities by just registeringat the virtual labour market which is available on the official website of theMinistry of Human Resources and Emiratisation which is

Can we get 6Months Temporary Visa?

(Video) UAE Amnesty 2022 | Has UAE Announced The 2022 Amnesty?

Yes, if you haveapplied for amnesty and have rectified (changed) your legal status, you can easilyavail of the privilege of obtaining a 6 months temporary visa.

Amnesty Centreand Office Location:

UAE Governmenthas launched 9 immigration centres across UAE to help Amnesty seekers.

Abu Dhabi AmnestyCentre:

Immigrationoffice in SHAHAMA, AL AIN and GHARBIA in western Region.

Dubai AmnestyCentre:

AL AWEERImmigration Center, Near Fruit and Vegetable Market, RAS AL KHOR.

SHARJAH AmnestyCentre:

People living inSharjah can visit main Immigration office located near SHARJAH Mega Mall.

Applicants fromother emirates can visit main immigration offices to apply for amnesty.

Amnesty CentreTimings:

All Amnestyoffices will work from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday.

UAE Amnesty forIndians:

There are manyIndians living across UAE illegally due to financial or other unknown issues,they are willing to apply for UAE Amnesty 2018 scheme in-order to get freedomof legal work in UAE, or to leave country voluntary.

To reach out morebeneficiaries, the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate-General inDubai have opened a help desk, a hotline and an official email address to helpmaximum number of Indian expats living in UAE illegally to avail of the 3months amnesty.

As per IndianAmbassador Mr. Navdeep Singh Suri:

“We want to tryand help maximum number of Indians in whichever way we can”

He more added:

"Peoplestaying illegally can directly come to the embassy or make use of the help deskand speak to a member of the embassy for details,"

Helpline Numberfor Illegal Indians in UAE:

The hotlinenumber for Indian community is 050-8995583

People can alsoemail their queries to

(Video) UAE implements new visa overstay fines | UAE Amnesty offer 2022&2023 | UAE How apply Out pass & Fine

The embassy urgedresidents to check

or contact IndianWorkers Resource Centre at 80046342 for further details.

UAE Amnesty forPakistanis:

As per thesurvey, 1.2 million Pakistanis reside in the UAE, Pakistanis residing illegallyin any state of UAE have been urged to apply for the upcoming amnesty scheme.

A short noticesent out in Urdu to Pakistani community in UAE from the Pakistan Embassy in AbuDhabi and Consulate in Dubai said that all Pakistanis should make use of theamnesty scheme that starts from August 1 and ends in October.

"All thosewho do not have travel documents (passports) should contact the embassy orconsulate," read below notice.

Helpline Numbersfor Illegal Pakistanis in UAE:

Pakistaninationals residing illegally in UAE can contact embassy in Abu Dhabi at

02-4447800(Extension 217/337).

Contact Numbersfor Dubai consulate are 04-3973600 (Extension 117/118) and


UAE Amnesty forFilipinos:

Rowena PangilinanDaquipil, chargé d' affairs at the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi, said:

"We areready to assist our overstaying kabayans (compatriots), especially withdocumentation that may be needed by authorities. The fear that they are illegalwill be removed, and there are no punitive actions to rectify their status.After applying for amnesty, those who opt to stay will be given visa valid forsix months to look for suitable employment. With this, they can have theflexibility to look for a better job."

PhilippineConsul-General Paul Raymund Cortes said:

The PhilippineConsulate has been receiving numerous inquiries, the consulate's officialFacebook page and even my personal FB messenger are filled with enquiries aboutthe upcoming amnesty," he said.

He more added thata special team from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila will augmentthe Philippine consulate staff in Dubai. He also assured the overseas Filipinocommunity of the consulate's commitment to assist fellow Filipinos availing ofthe UAE's amnesty in the most efficient and effective way possible."

There is noHotline (helpline) or Email address provided yet by Philippines consulate.

(Video) UAE Amnesty offer 2022&2023 | UAE Visa Fine | How apply Out pass online UAE | Dubai, Abudabi, Sharj

Hopefully this guidewill help many, if you have any question regarding how to apply for amnesty orif you are looking for help regarding UAE Amnesty Required documents andFees details, write your query in comments box, we will reply you as soon as wecan.


Can amnesty remove absconding? ›

Q: Can those who have absconding report against them apply for Amnesty? A: Depending on the facts of the case, Immigration authorities may remove the absconding report and issue Exit permit without ban.

How can I get out of UAE without paying overstay fine? ›

If you are a UAE resident after your residence visa gets expired, you have a 30 day grace period to change your status, apply for a new residence visa or exit the country. There won't be any fines charged during the grace period.

Who can remove absconding case in UAE? ›

If the company fabricates the absconding case, the labor ministry can slap a severe fine on the enterprise, beginning at AED 10,000. The worker must seek legal assistance to explain how to remove an absconding case in the UAE and take legal action against the company.

Is amnesty still available in UAE? ›

With the changes expected to UAE Overstay amnesty in 2022, any person who is currently incurring overstay in the country can do any of the following: Leave the country: the person may leave the UAE without facing any legal repercussions or paying a fine.

Will there be amnesty in 2022? ›

No legal action will be taken against the foreigners who will avail this amnesty scheme. As per foreigners Act 1946, three-year sentence can be awarded to overstaying foreigners. After 31st December 2022, action will be initiated against overstaying foreigners who are overstaying more than a year.

How long does it take to remove absconding case in UAE? ›

After a year, the ban will automatically remove from the system, and you will be able to enter the country on a working visa. Although you are prohibited from obtaining a work visa for one year, you may enter the country on other visas such as a visit or tourism visa.

How can remove absconding in 2022 UAE? ›

You need to withdraw your absconding case first, you have to visit immigration along with your new offer letter issued by the ministry of labor and NOC letter from your old company. Then only you can apply for the reduction of fines. For legal assistance, please contact us on WhatsApp.

How long does amnesty last in UAE? ›

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has published a cabinet decision (Cabinet Decision No. 108 of 2021) that will extend the deadline for the tax amnesty to 31 December 2022.

Can you leave UAE without paying overstay 2022? ›

Residency visa holders have a grace period of between 60 and 180 days after visa cancellation to change their status or leave the UAE, depending on their circumstances. They can be arrested for overstaying beyond this period.

Is it possible to remove immigration ban in UAE? ›

Is to possible to lift an immigration ban in UAE? Lifting of immigration bans is generally not possible, although may be removed on an exceptional basis. If a person has cases that are mentioned above and have been proven guilty of doing them, there is a huge chance that an immigration ban cannot be lifted.

Can you go to jail for overstaying your visa in UAE? ›

If you need to get something clear about overstaying your visa in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], it should be the knowledge that overstaying is an offence, going by their immigration law, and there are a couple of penalties to this violation including a jail term in some instance.

What is the punishment for absconding? ›

Once the absconding charges are proved, the MoHRE will take disciplinary action against the employee, which may include cancelling the work permit or imposition of an employment ban. However, the employer must be aware that filing a fake absconding report against an employee can attract a lot of trouble.

Is absconding a criminal case? ›

Abscond means leaving a jurisdiction secretly or suddenly, e.g. to avoid service of process, arrest, or prosecution; or leaving with another person's money or property. Absconding is generally a criminal offense which may lead to imprisonment in jail.

Does absconding affect in future? ›

An employee will face a loss of pay or salary. There will not be any experience letter with the employee. Absconder will be left with a bad reputation, as he/she will be put into the blacklist and never be rehired.

Who is eligible for amnesty scheme? ›

Eligibility for GST Amnesty Scheme 2022

Every individual registered under the GST Act of 2017 is eligible for the GST Amnesty Scheme. Any taxpayer that has missed their GST filing for previous years is eligible. Any GST registered taxpayer whose registration has been cancelled due to non-filing.

Where can I apply for amnesty in Dubai? ›

Three months. It runs from August 1 to October 31. How can an illegal resident apply for amnesty? Individuals wishing to take advantage should visit any of the eight immigration centres dedicated to the amnesty, including those in Al Shahama in Abu Dhabi and Al Awir in Dubai.

Who will pay overstay fine in UAE? ›

You will not be required to make any payments toward overstay fines in the UAE for thirty days after the expiration of your visa. 125 AED for the first day. 25 AED for 6 months (after the first day). 100 AED per day after 12 months of overstay.

What is amnesty period? ›

An amnesty is a period of time during which people can admit to a crime or give up weapons without being punished.

Can I leave UAE with expired residence visa? ›

UAE visa grace period after expiry

Expatriates need to either exit the country or get a new visa within the grace period after the visa is cancelled. The grace period to exit the UAE after a residency visa cancellation has been increased to upto 30, 60 and 180 days according to the category of the visa.

How do I apply for immigration amnesty? ›

Obtain the application. Contact your local branch of the United States Citizen and Immigration Services to obtain an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.

How much does absconding cost in UAE? ›

The worker shall be banned from working in the country for 1 year. The employer would have to pay for the sponsorship cancellation fees and travel expenses of the worker. The employer would have to pay AED 10,000 along with any outstanding fines.

Can you go back to UAE after being deported? ›

Lifting deportation

A foreigner who has been deported may not return to the country except with special permission from the director general of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, as per Article 28 of Law No. 6 of 1973 on Entry and Residence of Foreigners.

How can we reduce overstay fine in Dubai 2022? ›

Personal Sponsorship (Family)
  1. Petition letter from Sponsor.
  2. Passport and visa copy of the Sponsor.
  3. Sponsor Salary certificate/ Labor contract/ Memorandum.
  4. Any documents that support the cause of overstaying must also be submitted.
12 Sept 2021

How much does it cost to remove abscond in UAE? ›

Documents required to file Absconding Report:

For this, take print of Personnel File from eDNRD site or from Immigration to prove that the employee is inside UAE. Fees for this is AED 120.

Can I exit UAE without Cancelling visa? ›

All foreigners who live in the UAE on a Residence Visa must have it cancelled if they want to leave the country permanently. UAE visa cancellation has to be done by the sponsor on behalf of the expatriate, same as with a UAE Visa application.

Is absconding a good option? ›

Absconding is extremely bad for the reputation of the employee as he/she may never find a job again, or further may even be blacklisted. In fact, there will not be any experience letter with the employee.

When can amnesty given? ›

Amnesty is granted usually for political crimes against the state, such as treason, sedition, or rebellion. It is addressed generally to classes or communities and takes the form of a legislative act or other constitutional or statutory act of the supreme power of the state.

How long does immigration ban last in UAE? ›

By law, travel bans usually last for one year and are automatically lifted at the end of the period.

How much do you pay for overstay in UAE? ›

In the case of residents, if they overstay after the grace period they will have to pay the following fees: First day: AED 125. Each subsequent day: AED 25. Every subsequent day after 6 months of overstay: AED 50.

How can I check my UAE visa status by banning my passport number? ›

The most convenient way to find out the UAE visa ban status is to make a phone call to Amer centres. You will be required to provide your passport number and other specific details to the call centre agent. Denizens can contact the Amer centre in Dubai at 800-5111. Those overseas may call on +971-4-313-9999.

How can I stop overstaying? ›

The House Guest's Guide To Not Overstaying Your Welcome
  1. #1 Listen out for key words and phrases. ...
  2. #2 Chip in. ...
  3. #3 Leave no trace of your existence. ...
  4. #4 NEVER complain. ...
  5. #5 Stick to the agreement. ...
  6. #6 Tones & body language. ...
  7. #7 Have an exit plan.
22 Sept 2017

What happens if you overstay without a visa? ›

If you have more than 180 days of unlawful presence, meaning you overstayed your visa by 181 days or more, you will be barred from returning to the United States for a certain amount of time. If you were unlawfully present for between 180 and 365 days, you will be barred from entering the United States for three years.

How can I check my UAE immigration ban online? ›

The Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi has an online service called 'Estafser', which enables the residents of Abu Dhabi to check whether they are requested by the Public Prosecution for any claims against them. To use the service, requester must enter his/her unified number.

How can I check blacklist in UAE? ›

UAE travel ban check
  1. Prepare your Emirates ID.
  2. Visit the official website of Dubai Police or download the Dubai Police app on your Android or iOS.
  3. Browse through 'Individual Services'
  4. Select 'Criminal Status of Financial Cases'
  5. Enter your full name and Emirates ID number.
24 Aug 2022

Can I leave UAE if I have a court case? ›

Dubai: If you have a criminal case filed against you in the UAE or have certain civil or commercial cases in the country, a judge may apply travel restrictions on you, until the case has been heard by the court. However, you can submit a request to the Ministry of Justice to cancel a travel ban on you.

Can I apply for a visa if I overstayed? ›

Yes, you can apply for a green card if you overstayed a visa. You can apply to become a green card holder from inside the United States (known as an adjustment of status) or abroad (through consular processing).

Can you be deported for overstaying? ›

If you overstay your visa, you may be subject to deportation and other penalties. To avoid overstaying your visa, keep track of the expiration date. You can find this information on your I-94 Arrival/Departure Record.

Can a lifetime ban in UAE be lifted? ›

To find out if a previous lifetime ban can be lifted EW must contact the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, which is part of the Ministry of Interior. The website lists several contact numbers. Alternatively, a lawyer can be engaged to perform this service for a fee.

Is absconding a criminal offense in UAE? ›

But in the UAE the law, as it stands now, accepts only one answer: absconding is an offence.

How do you check if you have an absconding case in UAE? ›

First and foremost on how to check an absconding case in the UAE, you must check your case file with the police department. Furthermore, you should consult a lawyer if possible. Legal services will be very helpful if you happen to have an open case.

Can bail be granted to absconder? ›

The Supreme Court observed that an absconder/proclaimed offender is not entitled to relief of anticipatory bail.In this case, the Trial Court dismissed the anticipatory bail application on the ground that as the accused is absconding and even the proceedings under section 82/83 Cr.

Can Amnesty remove absconding? ›

Q: Can those who have absconding report against them apply for Amnesty? A: Depending on the facts of the case, Immigration authorities may remove the absconding report and issue Exit permit without ban.

What legal action can be taken for absconding? ›

Absconding is a Crime in India

Section 82 of the Code of Criminal Procedure deals with the offense of evading a firm so that the corporation can file a lawsuit against the absconder.

How long does abscond take to expire? ›

An absconding ban is usually for up to 12 months and the person will be unable to enter the UAE or obtain employment in the country during this period.

How do you respond to an absconding letter? ›

No need to reply to their notice. See they can only file for recovery of amount before the civil court there can be no criminal action therefore there won't be any issue for your employment.

Do you get paid after absconding? ›

Hi Francis, Your company will stop paying contributions once you absconded, as you are then no longer an employee. However, you are still entitled to claim your provident fund (the full balance in your fund account). For information about preserving your provident fund capital, read more here.

Can I get another job after absconding? ›

As others have said, absconding is the worst thing you can do - as you will NEVER be considered again by the Company for employment at any level. If you do resign, they may actually make a counter offer acceptable to you and in any case, you won't be burning any bridges.

Is there any amnesty in UAE 2022? ›

With the changes expected to UAE Overstay amnesty in 2022, any person who is currently incurring overstay in the country can do any of the following: Leave the country: the person may leave the UAE without facing any legal repercussions or paying a fine.

Is there any amnesty in 2022? ›

Grace period extended till 31 Dec 2022 for Amnesty scheme.

How to remove absconding case in UAE 2022? ›

You need to withdraw your absconding case first, you have to visit immigration along with your new offer letter issued by the ministry of labor and NOC letter from your old company. Then only you can apply for the reduction of fines. For legal assistance, please contact us on WhatsApp.

Will there be amnesty in UAE 2023? ›

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has published a cabinet decision (Cabinet Decision No. 108 of 2021) that will extend the deadline for the tax amnesty to 31 December 2022.

Where can I buy Outpass in UAE? ›

Apply For An Emergency Certificate With The Help Of the Indian Embassy. You can apply for an Emergency Certificate, often known as a “outpass,” with the aid of the Indian Embassy. This case applies if you are an Indian Expat based in the UAE or an Indian tourist that needs to fly back to India but lost your passport.

Can I check overstay fine in UAE using passport number? ›

  1. To begin, click here or visit, once clicked you will be redirected to home page, now look for Public services tab.
  2. After clicking public service button, you will see Fines – Pay Fines option on the top of smart services page.

Who may apply for amnesty? ›

Proclamation of Amnesty. Amnesty is hereby decreed in favor of all persons who have been arrested and/or charged, or although not arrested and/or charged may have committed acts which make them liable for, violation of the provisions of Republic Act No. 1700, as amended by Presidential Decree No.

What is a good sentence for amnesty? ›

Example Sentences

Noun The government gave amnesty to all political prisoners. Illegal immigrants who came into the country before 1982 were granted amnesty.

Can I cancel my visa without my sponsor? ›

You have to initiate a labour case to get your visa cancelled. An employee or an employer can file a case in the court for employment-related matters within a period of ONE YEAR of the claim in accordance with Article 6 of the Labour Law.

Can I come back to UAE after Outpass? ›

You can visit Al aweer immigration to complete your formalities of visa cancellation and exit process under the amnesty rules. There is no need for you to pay any fine but you will be banned for life from entering UAE again.

What does it mean to apply for amnesty? ›

Amnesty is to grant a pardon to those who have committed an offense. Under immigration law, is a governmental pardon for a person or group of persons who violated policies related to immigration.

What is an amnesty program? ›

Individuals who participate in the amnesty program avoid arrest on the warrant and instead their case proceeds to disposition (for example, the individual pays the underlying fine or participates in a diversion program).

How many years ban in UAE for absconding? ›

The term “abscond” is used when an employee in the UAE does not return to work and fails to give notice that they have left their job. This results in a one-year employment ban. The guidance for this situation can be found in Article 50 of the new UAE labour law under “Unlawful Absence From Work”.

How do I get rid of Deport in UAE? ›

A foreigner against whom a deportation order is issued, may apply to the public prosecution to cancel the deportation order. He/she may state reasons for his application and submit supporting documents. The application is sent to a special committee to take a decision on lifting the deportation order.

How much is the fine for absconding in UAE? ›

“Please abide by the laws and regulations to avoid legal consequences, including deportation.” “Filing a false absconding report against your staff incur a AED 5,000 fine.

Can I travel with absconding in UAE? ›

Absconding case

Or, if you can successfully prove that the absconding case is not valid to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), then the Ministry may lift the travel ban against you.

What action can employers take against absconder? ›

The employer has the right to hold the full and final settlement of the employee absconding. If an employee absconds, the HR can hold the relieving letter of the employee. The employer has the option to post a rating or a negative review on the international register of employee and employer ratings.

How do I know if I am banned in UAE? ›

Check if you have a travel ban

To use the service you need to enter your Emirates ID card number. To avail the service visit the Dubai Police website or download the Dubai Police app available on iTunes and Google Play. For further enquiries, call Dubai Police on 901.

Can I come back to UAE after deportation? ›

Lifting deportation

A foreigner who has been deported may not return to the country except with special permission from the director general of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, as per Article 28 of Law No. 6 of 1973 on Entry and Residence of Foreigners.

Is overstaying a criminal Offence in UAE? ›

Residency visa holders have a grace period of between 60 and 180 days after visa cancellation to change their status or leave the UAE, depending on their circumstances. They can be arrested for overstaying beyond this period.


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